What is Hearing Loss?

Our hearing, just like other senses, plays a significant role in our day-to-day living. When hearing impairment sets in due to infection, trauma, noise, drugs, and genetic factors, it degrades our quality of life.

Hearing loss can be classified into different types. It depends on where the damage or disease is located.

Types of Hearing Loss:

1. Conductive Hearing Loss:

In this case, the damage is located within the outer and middle ear

2. Sensori-Neural Hearing Loss:

In this case, there’s a blockage or damage within the inner ear preventing the sound from the outer and middle ear from reaching the brain

3. Mixed Hearing Loss:

This is part conductive and part sensory-neural pathology (damage)

4. Functional Hearing Loss:

This is a hearing loss that has no organic basis or a hearing loss exaggerated beyond its limit.

5. Central Hearing Loss:

This has to do with hearing loss located within the brain-stem and the auditory cortex.


Unmanaged hearing loss do have consequences such as lack of speech and language development, psychosocial effect such as social isolation, withdrawal syndrome etc., educational retardation, future vocational impact, cognitive deterioration.

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